COAM September 2022

Here are a few thoughts from Mike Ruff on our COAM weekend in September, which was divided into a maypole training day on the Saturday and a team end-of-season gathering on the Sunday.

We had six new people on the Saturday, plus four who couldn’t make it that day. Led by myself, assisted by four other members of the mAy team, the training in the basics of Maypole Dancing, various dances and some teaching tips was linked to the timetabled session for members of the public who joined in with great enthusiasm. All of it was to live music. We were aware from the start that those attending all had different reasons for being there and are immensely pleased that we now have more people who would be willing to join us at future COAM events, and others who want to become actively involved in the mAy team.

Looking further ahead we would like to work with Chiltern Folk Association, Museum volunteers and other local groups to create a programme of maypole and folk events at COAM and a pool of dancers and volunteers to make sure they are all well supported.

– Mike Ruff

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