A new partnership

There were major changes for the mAy team during 2020. We have purchased the large maypole that was built for us to use at Countryfile Live, and the Chiltern Open Air Museum (COAM) have kindly provided a home for it.

This will lead to a whole new partnership including training events, displays and plenty of chances for everyone to join in. The maypole may get used at other times including weddings, corporate events and hopefully as part of the Museum’s wonderful Education Programme. There may even be opportunities for members of the team to contribute with their teaching skills in other areas.

A lot of this is still at the planning stage and we will be working with the Museum to conform to Covid regulations, but we are hoping to install the maypole during March before the Museum Season starts and hold sessions there on the weekend of 15th/16th May and 18th/19th September.

As things progress we very much hope to participate in more events and look forward to a fruitful partnership between the two organisations.

The Countryfile Live maypole – now ours!

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